Distributed Audio

Is music your thing? Instead of having to sit in one room to listen to your favorite music, imagine listening to it in any room of your home! That is what a distributed system can do. Having all music sources, even your iPod, in one central location, they can be controlled through various types of keypads in each room. Remote control as well. With the right system from Russound, Niles, or Sonance, we can provide a very enjoyable and relaxing atmosphere in your home, not to mention party time!!

Home music systems require careful design and installation to achieve their maximum hi-fidelity potential. Music is the communication of emotion. A great stereo must sound pleasant and be emotionally involving. To achieve this, care must be taken in matching and tuning each component so that the whole system will perform in harmony with the music. Frequency response, sound pressure levels, imagery, tonal balance and distortion are a few of the parameters that are taken into consideration and adjusted for maximum performance.