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Home Theater Systems in Duluth, MN and Surrounding Areas

Whether you have a room that can be dedicated to an awesome home theater, or just want to upgrade and improve your current A/V system, we are here to help.

Home theater systems require careful design and installation to achieve their maximum hi-fidelity and visual potential.  Music is the communication of emotion.  A great stereo must sound pleasant and be emotionally involving.  To achieve this, care must be taken in matching and tuning each component so that the whole system will perform in harmony with the music.  Frequency response, sound pressure levels, imagery, tonal balance and distortion are a few of the parameters that are taken into consideration and adjusted for maximum performance.  Sight lines, seating distance, display placement are just a few of the details that need to be considered when designing a complete home theater.  With the new advances in technologies and equipment, your media room can easily have a face lift.  Improvements in soundbars, wireless sub woofers and surround sound receivers make this possible.

Let us design a home theatre system for you and your family.